Daily Archives: June 14, 2023

What’s Bugging My Plants [Diagnosis & Resources to Help]

    Photo by Juliet Johnson of Mandarin Garden Club member’s garden in June 2023 Plants should be looking good in full growth. If our yard has a well-balanced ecosystem, pests and diseases are usually minor.  Birds need caterpillars to feed their young. Bees and butterflies are busy gathering nectar and pollen while they are pollinating our…

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St Augustine Grass- Did You Know?

A wide selection of St Augustine grass cultivars is available on the market. The wide selection brings about versatility. Some cultivars, such as Bitterblue, ProVista and CitraBlue, will do well in partial shade, while Floratam needs full sun. Many people would like the option to purchase St. Augustine and found out that seeds are not…

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