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Frogfruit as a Turf Companion

 Homeowners may consider growing Frogfruit as a companion plant in turf areas. Learn the qualities of this groundcover with UF IFAS Extension Escambia County. by Beth BollesSource: UF/IFAS Pest Alert Note: All images and contents are the property of UF/IFAS.    

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Pesticide Fires: Water to the Rescue?

As summer is in full swing, and with the cornucopia of fireworks and bad decisions that lay ahead for some, fires may be top of mind. We all know firework safety: 1. bucket of water 2. flip flops (no bare fee), 3. reckless disregard for personal well being. Sound familiar? The one safety piece in that list…

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Extension: Independence through Lifelong Learning

July 4th is when we celebrate our nation’s independence. There is also a spirit of personal independence that can be found in every American—the freedom to do-it-yourself, learn new things, and follow your dreams. At UF/IFAS Extension, we’ve been serving that spirit of independence for over 109 years. The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 created a nationwide…

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Weekly “What is it?”: Ferns

    A healthy stand of ferns near Blackwater Bay. Photo credit: Carrie Stevenson, UF IFAS Extension Ferns have grown quietly in the shadows for a very, very long time. These brilliant green plants have been part of the landscape since the Paleozoic Era—before dinosaurs walked the Earth. In fact, ferns were one of the first species to recover…

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Water Talk: Plants For Your PondMuch Ado About Mangoes: How UF/IFAS collaboration with National Mango Board is facilitating research for industry success.Water Talk: Plants For Your Pond

A stone fruit grown from the tropical tree Mangifera Indica, mangoes are known for their delicious taste and nutritious value, both of which have contributed to their growing rise in popularity among U.S. Consumers.   Economic Research Service, & US Department of Agriculture. (November 7, 2022). Per capita consumption of fresh mangoes in the United States from…

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