Daily Archives: November 6, 2023

Check It Out! Invasive Plant Management Guides

After several discussions with invasive plant management groups in Florida, it was recognized that many land managers often lack access to resources about the technical aspects of herbicides for invasive plant treatments. Therefore, a brief but detailed summary was needed for many, common invasive plants. These guides bring together herbicide recommendations for invasive plants in…

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November 2023 First Friday with Florida First Detector

Recap of November 2023 First Friday with Florida First Detector In November, we looked at some more Hemipteran pests and focused on invasive whiteflies, aphids, psyllids, and more. These insects all have a piercing sucking mouth part. Many also excrete honeydew which can lead to sooty mold that impacts the plant growth and development. Some…

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Palmetto Weevils in Landscape Palms

Weevils are a family of beetles that have their mandibles (mouths) at the end of a very long snout-like projection. Palmetto weevil (Rhynchophorus cruentatus) is the largest North American weevil and is present in many southern states from Florida to the coastal regions of South Carolina and west into coastal Texas. Adults and Larvae   …

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