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Fall Wildflowers at Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve

Fall Wildflowers at Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve  By Walter Bryant, MGV Any time of the year is a good time to visit the Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve but, in the fall, the native wildflowers blooming in the sandhills are especially beautiful.  The preserve is a long peninsula where the Julington and Durbin Creeks merge. The center of…

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The Nose Knows: Aromatic Gardens in Florida

Aromatic plants add delight and wonder to any landscape. Whether brushing a rosemary twig gently as you pass by or being enticed by the delicate waft of jasmine, smell is one of the most poignant of our senses. Smell can draw us back to a particular memory, elicit emotions, and create vivid reactions. Incorporating aromatic…

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