With the myriad of problems resulting from a hurricane, your irrigation system is probably not on the forefront of your mind.  Once you have taken care of the more pressing issues, you still need to check on your system.  With falling limbs, uprooted trees, and driving vehicles where you wouldn’t normally, both the sprinklers and the lines run the risk of damage.  If you run your sprinklers at night like most people, you might not find out you have a problem until you get a sky-high utility bill.  Alternatively, you should have a battery in your sprinkler controller for when you lose power, however, batteries don’t last forever.  When you check your system for physical damage, make sure your settings are still correct and you won’t be accidentally watering on the wrong day or time.  Go ahead and get this season’s irrigation check out of the way while you’re out cleaning up yard debris anyway.

by Beth Robertson
Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert
Note: All images and contents are the property of UF/IFAS.


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