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Boynton Beach pest control was a natural extension to our service area after being fully integrated into the Palm Beach County area.

All of our technicians take great pride in their work helping Boynton Beach maintain its natural beauty through their experience and assistance.

Our customers highly value our ability to quickly and efficiently complete their monthly pest control, lawn care services, whitefly control, wild life and other needs in Boynton Beach.

Boynton Beach Pest Control Services

Our technicians complete a number of services to enhance the beauty of Florida lawns, including:

Lawncare: Our knowledgeable and experienced staff know that you take great pride in your lawn and can help you maintain its natural beauty. We provide an extensive line of lawncare services, including mowing, weed control and pruning.

Whitefly Treatment:  Whiteflies are common pests found in houseplants and greenhouses. Favorite plants for these pests to damage include citrus, potato, grape, tomato, poinsettia and other ornamental and vegetable plants.

This tiny insect sucks the sap from the bottom of leaves, causing their growth to be stunted, disease-infested and deteriorated.

You may be able to recognize that your plants have been infested by this pest by feeling a sticky residue on them or seeing a black mold on them.

Our technicians can come to your home to evaluate the damage to your plants to determine the culprit and the most effective way to eliminate these pests. They can also consult you on how to prevent them from revisiting your home.

Bird Control:  Although many homeowners may not mind a few birds on their property, birds have been known to spread diseases, feed on plants and vegetables and damage property.

Bird control can help prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting on your property. Our staff is knowledgeable on humane ways to prevent

Boynton Beach Pest Control Experts

Latitude: 26.529145 | Longitude: -80.058671 Extra Mile Pest Control And Lawn Solution, CORP.

Phone Numbers: (561) 470-0279 Office. (954) 281-BUGS 1-888-2-EXTRAMILE

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Boynton Beach Pest Control

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I called Extra Mile, and without hesitation they sent someone quickly. Needless to say the bees were gone and haven’t returned. The technicians are very professional, courteous, respectful and trustworthy. Highly recommend Extra Mile Pest Control! Boca Raton, FL Dan M.

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