No doubt about it!! Technology has changed our lives.

Did you know there are nearly 7.3 Billion cell phones in use? That’s nearly 1 phone for every person on the planet. So digital technology is literally at your fingertips. The Google play store and Apple’s App store have so many games a player could be busy 24/7. These games stimulate the brain with bright colors, intricate details, and jazzy sounds. Players even report the physical sensation of “being in” the game – tingling scalp, “hair on the back of my neck …”, clammy hands, etc..

While these electronic games have their appeal, they are not the only game on the block (pun intended).

You guessed it !! Board games are here to stay!!

In many families and friend groups, board games continue to be staples at picnics, weekend get-togethers, and other gatherings. So much so that by 2025, the global value of card and board games is forecast to reach nearly $22 billion. That’s not MONOPOLY money.

Board games are more than a fun way to pass the time. They are also a tool for teaching. Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are two staple board games for young children. While both have undergone updates in characters and themes, they continue to promote identification and numbering skills.

Board games can be categorized in several ways, here is just one:

  1. Roll the Dice and Move the Token (Mouse Trap or Trouble).
  2. Strategize to Capture the Prize (Stratego or Battleship).
  3. Card Matching (Apples to Apples or Sushi Go!).
  4. Letters to Words (Bananagrams or Scrabble).
  5. Games for Only Two (Chess or Checkers).
  6. Role-play games (Wingspan or Dungeons and Dragons).




My family still plays the Alphabet game on long car rides. Maybe your family does, too? The oldest player starts with the letter “A”. They use that as the first letter of their “game” name, city/state/country, and favorite food. Each player uses the next letter until the end of the alphabet. I have been the Zane from Zanzibar that likes to eat Zucchini.

There is even an entire day dedicated to celebrating board games. Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 8th, so you too can play on National Chess Day.

Go to the cupboard, get out a game, and have some FAMILY TIME!!

by Marnie Ward
Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert
Note: All images are the property of UF/IFAS.


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