Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services

Everyone with a lawn knows the time and effort required to keep it looking clean and trimmed. No one wants a lawn that is full of weeds and long grass that makes it look messy and not ignored.

This means mowing, pulling out weeds, and doing other landscaping tasks that can take up a lot of time and energy. You can easily keep your lawn looking fresh and vibrant with our reliable lawn care services in South Florida.

Extra Mile Pest Control & Lawn Solution can do all the work for you at an affordable rate so that you can enjoy your day and still have a beautiful lawn at display.

Our lawn services include hedge care, lawn care, ornamental care, tree care treatment, white fly treatment, fertilization, fire ant control, and weed control. Lawn Care Services

If you need anything done with your lawn, then we are the company for the job and will make sure everything is up to your standards on every lawn treatment.

You can benefit greatly from a reliable lawn care services in South Florida because we will keep your lawn in prime condition.

You will be proud as you look out your window every morning. Our lawn care services don’t only keep your lawn beautiful, but we also keep it clean and healthy so that you will not run into any problems down the road.

Our Lawn Care & Lawn Pest Control Services

lawn care services - Hedge Care

Hedge Care

lawn care services Ornamental


lawn care services

Lawn care

lawn care services Whiteflies Treatment

Whiteflies Treatment

lawn care services Tree Care Treatment

Tree Care Treatment

lawn care services Fertilization


lawn care services Palms Expert

Palms Expert

lawn care services Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control

lawn care services Weed Control

Weed control

We have special treatments for trees if they have any kind of visible disease, we can get rid of persistent weeds, and we can get rid of nasty bugs such as white flies and fire ants. This keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful at the same time, and takes all of the work off of your hands so that you can sit back and relax.

Our lawn care services are always available to make your lawn look like something you would see in a magazine. You will not be disappointed with our lawn care services we provide and how enthusiastic we are about making lawns healthy.

From lawn pest control to weed control, Extra Mile Pest Control and Lawn Solution are your trusted lawn care services! We understand pest control in South Florida so we only use premium commercial quality pest control products.

We don’t believe in diluting products. We follow strict rules by the label recommendation so the application becomes effective in eliminating the pest infestation.

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Areas of Services in South Florida

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Talk about professional! Claiton really knows his stuff.he was here on each day he was here as polite so polite I couldn’t believe it.the best experience that I’ ve had since living in Florida definitely use this company,and ask for cleiton,you won’t regret it!

Hollywood, FL

Edward D.

We have always avoided pest control service for the 30 years that we have lived in our house due to experiences that were not satisfactory. However, Extra Mile has changed our opinion. We received excellent customer service from the telephone coordinator to the two service providers. Both gentlemen who came to our home were thorough, respectful of our home, friendly, and obviously very knowledgeable. They both encouraged us to call back if we saw any activity for free follow-up, and there was absolutely NO sales pitch for a contract or extended service. AND…bugs are gone!

Hollywood, FL

Paula W.

Very impress with everything. Very good service and professionalism. Very satisfied with the service.

West Palm Beach, FL

Ileana D.