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South Florida is known for its beautiful weather and picture-perfect communities. It is also known as the “bug capital” of the world. The warm, humid air is the perfect place for insects to breed and thrive, particularly ants.

Many people don’t realize it but ants can cause property damage as well as physically hurt someone. You can Google Ant Control and thousands of companies will pop up, but not all of them will get the job done.

Not all ants are created equal: South Florida is home to many different types of ants, the 3 most common being the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), the Crazy Ant and the ghost Ant. They are each a threat for different reasons and require different care.

The RIFA, for example, will bite if their mounds are disturbed, which can cause a serious reaction. They can cause concrete under patio and porches to destabilize and collapse as well.

The Crazy Ant, on the other hand, is more of a true pest: they will enter your home in droves and once they;re in it can be impossible to get them out.

Finally, the Ghost Ant is a particularly tricky nuisance: they can nest indoors and out, unlike the other 2 which nest outside. This means there may be multiple colonies and Queens in your home and on the grounds, requiring thorough examination to make sure they are all eliminated.

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That’s why its crucial to have a quality Ant Control company like ours to help you protect your home, business and loved ones.

Our highly trained staff is licensed to deal with any and all ant issues.

Our pest control techs know what chemicals to use, how to use them and where to use them to supply you with effective treatments that you won’t find anywhere else.

We not only treat the problem we also look at the causes and set up maintenance plans individualized to your problem areas. We will protect, prevent and purge your place so you can enjoy life the way it was meant to be: Ant Free!

If you are looking for superior lawn pest control services, Extra Mile Pest Control is your top-recommended company here in South Florida.

Please contact us at (561) 470-0279 in Palm Beach County or (954) 281-BUGS in Broward County FL.

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In our condo we had termites around the entry door frame with small holes on the inside and outside. Tney responded quickly, assesed the problem, injected some material into the holes and charged a very fair price. Extra Mile is a highly professional company.

Project: Control or Inspect for Termites

Deerfield Beach, FL

Paul S.

The company was very responsive in the office and service technician was professional.

Project: Pest Control – Bugs & Insects

Miramar, FL