Step into the world of opportunity as we introduce an outstanding group of high school interns who are cultivating their passion for agriculture and health sciences. These nine students have joined Miami-Dade County 4-H for the 2023 AgriTech and Food Systems Apprenticeship.

This program aims to connect students with the fascinating world of urban agriculture, with a special focus on hydroponics. This summer our interns will not only learn the innovative techniques of hydroponic farming but also tackle food insecurity, promote sustainability, and develop essential life skills. With a strong emphasis on workforce preparation, teamwork, and community engagement, this internship promises to be an experience of a lifetime, shaping the future of agriculture while empowering our youth.

4-H interns stand in front of a Mr. Greens food distribution truck at Hammock Greens Farm in Overtown Miami.

Meet the Interns:

Brandon Elias:
Brandon is a Senior at John A. Ferguson Senior High School. His interests include gardening, baking and science!
4-H Experience:
“I learn something new every day, and greatly enjoy the inclusive, light-hearted atmosphere that has been created to ensure that we all feel like we are in a safe space.”


Fabiana Arcila:
Fabiana is a Junior at School of Advanced Studies/ West Campus. She is interested in nutrition, cognition, and sports!
4-H Experience:
“I can confidently say that no other internship could have offered me such a unique blend of enjoyable work and valuable learning opportunities.”


Grace Aquino:
Grace is a Senior in Hialeah Gardens High School. Three fun facts about her are that she loves reading, she is a big fan of sports, and she spent some time in the Dominican Republic.
4-H Experience:
“My 4-H experience has been amazing and provided a safe space and community for me to share my voice in.”


Katto King:
Katto is a Sophomore at J.C Bermudez Doral Senior High School. He loves the color blue and eating sushi!
4-H Experience:
“What I am learning now, I will continue to use for the rest of my life. These skills will help me grow and make me a better person and co-worker.”


Luis Acosta:
Luis is a Senior at School for Advanced Studies/ North Campus. He enjoys learning about neurology, astronomy, and the ocean!
4-H Experience:
“Not only have I learned so much about agriculture and its advancements, but this program allows me to learn important life skills like perspective taking and communication.


Peter Canizares:
Peter is a Junior at Miami Lakes Tech. His three goals include becoming a pharmacist, buying a dodge charger and starting an online business.
4-H Experience:
“It has definitely taught me important things like good social skills, communication and critical thinking which will hopefully help me become successful.”


Regina Pelaez:
Regina is a Senior at Miami Lakes Educational Center. She is interested in the medical field, enjoys learning how to play instruments, and learning how to cook.
4-H Experience:
“4-H has been a very helpful program in helping me learn how to communicate effectively and improving my leadership skills.”


Shavely Rodriguez:
Shavely is a Senior at Hialeah Gardens Senior High School. She enjoys watching marvel movies, listening to music and murder mystery books.
4-H Experience:
“These skills will prepare me for the future for studying environmental studies about marine science.”


Valeria Llerena:
Valeria is a Senior at Hialeah Gardens High School. Her interests include books, music, and art!
4-H Experience:
“I was able to experience firsthand how hydroponic farming works and the people that run them.”


Thank you to our partners:

UF/IFAS Extension Agents, UF Scientists, along with local non-profit organizations, and businesses have provided students with hands-on training in food systems, production, safety, sanitation, nutrition, agricultural technology, vertical farming, and more!

Hammock Greens Farm
Right Now For Today

Miami-Dade County

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