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Occasionally, residentes here in South Florida experience a pest infestation. If not given the right attention, a pest infestation can quickly transform into a serious problem for you and your family to say the least.

Pest extermination can be a challenging venture especially to armatures. If not done well, pest control can cause more harm rather than do you any good. There for the best option is to seek for pest control services from professionals if you intend to have your pest problem solved effectively.

One of the secrets of a successful pest control treatment is the amount of attention given to proper soil preparation. For instance, we use proprietary techniques to prepare the soil so it increases the intake absorption and the breakdown of the pest control products.

And that’s one of the reasons our treatments last longer and have better results.

Pest Control Services by Licensed Experts

With over 15 Years Of Experience in doing one thing: constantly updating our skills in the Pest Control industry. That’s our passion.

Our specialties are: Lawn, Ornamentals, Trees and Palm. Because I constantly upgrade my skills my company is amongst the very few who can treat the new types of epidemic problem that is infesting South Florida.

Extra Mile Pest Control & Lawn Solutions your Licensed Pest Control Company:

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Super Termites

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Few Reasons to Hire a Professional Pest Control Services

Save time and money

Doing it yourself pest control is a risky decision. First and foremost, many homeowners know little about pests and their control. As such, individuals would spend a lot of money buying pesticides that may not necessarily get the job done.

Hiring a pest control services will give you the chance to work with professionals who understand pests. We are capable of determining the best type of pesticide to deal with the specific pest. This saves you money and time you would have spent buying different pesticides each time the infestation recurs.

 Solve the root of the problem

Many professional pest exterminators opt to deal with the source of the problem. Unlike many homeowners who would kill the pests they can see or hear, professional exterminators will study the infested area, determine where the pests are coming from.

The source of the pests will be treated and the same done to your premises both in and out. This prevents the recurrence of the infestation.

After services

Numerous pest control companies offer follow-up services. This mainly includes cleaning up the pesticides as well as the dead pests. This is an added advantage for the homeowners.

Ensures safety against the harmful pesticides

Hiring professional pest control services will ensure that you do not come in contact with the harmful pesticides. While at work, many pest control personnel will advise the residential owners to leave the premises. This will ensure your safety and that of your family.

Pest control personnel have the relevant clothing that protects them from the harmful effects of the pesticides.

Promote health within the family

Pests carry a lot of harmful germs with them. If in contact with people, these germs could lead to serious reactions such as itching. This could elevate to a more serious health condition such as poisoning, allergies and cancer among other diseases.

Seeking professional pest control services could easily and effectively rid you of your pest problem thus safeguarding the health of you and your family.

We welcome the opportunity to serve as your pest exterminator in South Florida. Please call (561) 470-0279 or (954) 281-BUGS, prompt answers guaranteed.

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I got my house sprayed for ticks. They were very prompt and finished the work in a professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone. They included the initial treatment and then the follow up in one price.

Pompano Beach, FL

Jasmine P.

Very professional, respectful and honest. I hired them because they do not require a contract. I will definitely continue to use them as needed.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Carolyn E.

Did a great job at our business, the price was great. Customer service is great. There’s no contract. Ill definitely recommend them.

Sunrise, FL

Diana M.

For our home we use Extra Mile Pest Control on a scheduled maintenance basis. A little while ago I came home to huge pack of bees making a nest under my roof. I called Extra Mile, and without hesitation they sent someone quickly.

Needless to say the bees were gone and haven’t returned. The technicians are very professional, courteous, respectful and trustworthy.

Highly recommend Extra Mile Pest Control!

Boca Raton, FL

Dan M.

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