Bed Bugs Control Florida


Bed Bugs Control by Experts

Bed bugs are a huge problem in South Florida. These pesky little bugs are hard to kill and can spread easily. Extra Mile Pest Control can help you get rid of bed bugs infestation quickly and safely.

When you give us a call, we will come and inspect your home thoroughly for bed bugs. We feel in order to get rid of bed bugs we need to treat your home both inside and outside. Our services start with inspecting the soil on the outside of the home.

We will use the proper techniques to treat the soil. Our techniques will keep the bugs from hiding in it.

Proper Steps to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good!

Bed bugs like moist areas and dry soil will reduce the chance of attracting them into your home. We use top quality professional pest control products and follow strict recommendations for use.

We do not water down products as they will lose their effectiveness. In addition to treating the soil outside of the home we will inspect your lawn for potential breeding grounds for pets. This includes bushes, hedges, and other areas where bugs will make their habitat.

We will treat and time them so that the bed bugs cannot hide outside. Once the outside of your home is treated we will inspect and spray the inside of your home.

We will treat the infected rooms as well as any bed bug nests. Once we have sprayed the area we will advise you on your next step to keep the bed bugs away. Bed Bugs Procreate very fast, check the life cycle of these little creatures on the chat bellow:

Bed Bugs Life Cycle

Professional Recommendations to you

We recommend washing all sheets and pillows that came in contact with the bugs. All plush toys and stuffed animals that we around the bugs also have to be washed and removed.

We have found that even the cleanest of homes become infested with bed bugs and it is important to treat the problem the right way so the bugs do not return.

We are a fully licensed pest control company.

We can help you get rid of the bed bugs and keep them out of your home for good! We only use top quality products and expert techniques to exterminate these pests once and for all.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you as your trusted pest control company in South Florida. Please give us a call today 1-888-2-EXTRAMILE, prompt friendly answers are always guaranteed!

Free Inspection for Bed Bugs

I got my house sprayed for ticks. They were very prompt and finished the work in a professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone. They included the initial treatment and then the follow up in one price.

Pompano Beach, FL

Jasmine P.

After doing my research on which would be the ideal pest control company to attend with my needs, I decided to go with Extra Mile. The reviews posted here were what helped me the most to make my decision. They a€™re all true! They did an excellent job and I a€™m 100% satisfied with their services, costs, and mostly important, with the results. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Felipe C.