Super Termites

Super Termites a Destructive New Breed in Florida

Termites have always been a huge problem in Florida, mainly because they enjoy the warm, moist weather as much as people do.

Termites often begin their nests underground and then move into the walls of a building, causing much damage to its structure. Termites cause over a billion dollars of damage to homes every year.

Now there is a breed of termite that has upped the ante. Nicknamed the “super termite”, it is the result of the interbreeding of two of the most destructive species of termites from Formosa and Asia.

Unfortunately for Floridians, they have chosen Florida for their home.

These termites develop twice as fast as other termites, and can live 20 years or longer. The super termite has been known to chew through almost anything to get to the food it loves the most – wood.

You May Not Know You Have Super Termites

One of the only ways you may be able to tell if your home has a super termite infestation is if you can see the aftermath of their destruction.

You may notice that your walls or floors are sagging, or notice something that looks like a wet spot on the wall. You may see tiny wings near a wall. These wings are shed by termites.

If you have a wood pile outside, or garden mulch that is situated close to the foundation of your home, a super termite colony could be living underneath it.

Super termites mulching

Mulch is great for plants, but it’s also great for termites.

It keeps moisture in the ground that they need for their colonies.

To add insult to injury, many homeowners insurance policies don’t cover termite damage.

A home with a super termite problem is difficult to sell.

Super Termites Need Super Pest Control

A pest control expert has advanced equipment that helps him to find out exactly where a super termite infestation is located in your home.

Once he has determined the scope of the problem, he will recommend to you specialized treatments to get rid of it. The treatments are designed to get into small spaces where super termite colonies are living, such as between walls, under slabs, and around pipes.

He will also treat problem areas outside of your home. These treatments won’t damage your landscape, and they will keep the super termite from developing new colonies in your home.

Once he is done, he will provide you with a detailed report of his examination and treatments. He will also schedule a follow-up visit to check on your home at a later date.

Ongoing Pest Control Is The Best Defense

The best way to avoid super termite infestations in your home is to have a regular maintenance plan of pest control.

Your pest control expert will suggest this to you, since it is the only reliable way of keeping the destructive super termite away from your home on a long term basis.

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The maintenance plan will allow your pest control technician to inspect your premises for any developing re-infestations of super termite colonies, and get rid of them before they become a problem.

Make no mistake about it. The super termite is a direct threat to the homeowners of Florida, but your pest control expert has the weapons to stop it.

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Super Termites

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