Pest Control Tips #1 – Cheap Can Beacome Expensive

We have seen this over and over for over 15 years, start-up (newbeis) in order to bid a lower price, they have to go for lower quality pest control products. Highly watered down products.

Now doing so the problem is never solved and the customer keeps calling the pest control company again and again wich makes a few dollars savings, when choosing the cheaper bid, become a much higher bill in the long run…

Pest Control Tips #2 – Lack of Knowlodge + Poor Preparation = Headache

I know it does not sound humble enough on my part but most of our competitors (lots of them)  don’t know the proper rate specifications that each plant requires. They apply the product equally and indiscriminately. That’s the reason they are not effective period.

Be sure to ask very specific questions regarding the soil preparation before you sign anything! Rarely our competitors take the time to properly prepare the soil (the main secret).

They simply apply a diluted product to an unprepared soil and hope, yes you hearded right, hope for the best to happen… In the pest control business the hope game does not go very well.

Pest Control Tips #3 – Outdated Tech’s for New Epidemics

I have seen and heard lot’s histories of pest control companies that are still using 1980’s techniques, hoping to solve a very recent epidemic problem.

Unfortuanlly that does not cut either in this business… Well that’s it for now, we hope that this very short pest control tips (we know everyone is busy theses days to read an essay : ) can help you make a wise decision when looking for a pest control company in South Florida.