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Pontederia cordata

purple spike flowers among green erect leaves

Pickerelweed is an aquatic plant that can be found in open waters such as ponds, lakes, river edges, marshes, and swamps. This plant blooms in spring through summer and requires pollination by bees and other insects. The plant serves as a food source for ducks (the entire plant) and other birds (the seeds).

Flowers appear in erect, showy spikes. They are tubular and purple-blue petals with yellow and white markings that attract bees to the nectar. Leaves are shaped like the head of an arrow and have long, tapering blades with a heart-shaped base.

Pickerelweed seeds, stalks and leaves are edible to humans. Seeds can be eaten raw, boiled or roasted. Young leaves and stalks can be eaten raw or boiled according to the Florida Wildflower Foundation.

Learn more about the plant characteristics here: https://www.flawildflowers.org/flower-friday-pontederia-cordata/

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by Alicia Halbritter

Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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