What is Florida Friendly Angler?

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Florida Friendly Angler is a free, online course open to anyone, especially anglers looking to up their game! The course teaches skills and practices that help fish and the environment, a win-win for our fisheries. You will learn about topics essential for any angler who wants to protect fisheries and the environment. The course is self-paced and you can take as long as you need to complete it, but why wait? In just under 2 hours, you can be a fully certified Florida Friendly Angler!

What will I learn?

There are three interactive modules in the course.

Best Practices for Fish Handling and Release – Did you know discard mortality (death of fish thrown back into the water) is a major drag on some fish populations? Learn how to reduce stress from handling and help prevent discard mortality in this module.

Environmental Ethics for Anglers – There’s a lot more to fishing than just the fish! This module highlights ways you can protect the environment and wildlife while fishing.

Introduction to Fisheries Management and Giving Back – Fisheries managers and state scientists in Florida work hard to keep tabs on fish populations and make good management decisions. In this module, learn the processes that go into fisheries decision making and how you can contribute.

After you complete all three modules and an exit survey, you will receive a certificate and a weatherproof decal if you provide a mailing address.

How do I sign up for the Florida Friendly Angler course?

Visit the registration page at bit.ly/FLFriendlyAngler to sign up for free. Share this opportunity with friends and on social media using the tag #FloridaFriendlyAngler.

Are you a for-hire fishing guide (or want to go fishing with one)? Check out the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide program as well. Visit flseagrant.org/florida-friendly-fishing-guide-certification to learn more!

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Florida Friendly Angler was created through a partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, UF/IFAS Extension, and Florida Sea Grant.

by Savanna Barry
Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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