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Palm Beach County has been the center of our operations for many years. We take pride in our job and aim to offer our customers highly advanced, environment friendly and safe pest control services.

We provide a variety of services in Palm Beach County, our specialties are: Lawn pest control, Ornamentals, Trees and Palm. We also provide bed bug control, whitefly control, ant control, wildlife and more.

Our Palm Beach County Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services:

No one else can understand the bugs and pests of this area better than us. Our positive reputation in this industry and vast client base is the perfect specimen of our expertise. Our staff is professionally viable and fully understands the biology of pests along with the most suitable techniques to eliminate them. Wide range of bugs and pest control services are offered at our facility including:

Ant Control:

All types of general bugs such as ants, silverfish and/or roaches are eliminated using a combination of products and application techniques. Different kinds of customizable programs are offered for controlling ants at our pest prevention facility.

Bed Bugs Control:

Preventing bed bugs infestation is among our specialties. It is a fact that bed bugs are as difficult to eliminate as they are difficult to tolerate. However, we have devised the perfect remedy for controlling these notorious and stubborn pests.

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In Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas, Rodents like rats and mice have been the primary cause behind various diseases in humans as well as domestic pets. Therefore, we offer a number of services to eliminate rodents. These include rodent exclusion, rodent catching and monitoring and attic clean-up.

Wild life:

We offer fully professional and humane wildlife removal facility for commercial and residential areas. We always make sure that your premises are free from unwanted pests and animals.

Lawn Pest Control Service:

Considering the tropical climate of Palm Beach County it is important to care for your lawn and shrubs. We offer expert services for lawn pest control, fertilization and beautification.

Weed Control:

Weeds are those plants that are unrequired or grow out of the place. Weed control plan is selected after considering the type of weed grown and its importance or unimportance for the location. Some weeds may be beneficial for your lawn as well. That’s why we offer carefully strategized techniques and treatment programs for weed control.


A well-maintained lawn and picturesque landscape is everyone’s dream. We have the complete knowledge about the proper maintenance practices that will benefit your lawn/landscape. Only high-quality fertilizers are used by our experts in an eco-friendly manner.


We are the experts of ornamental fertilization. Our fertilization program will be customized according to your preferences, water viability and species of grass in your lawn.

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We always look forward to eliminate those tiny creatures that can harm you and your family’s health and your surroundings.

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Palm Beach County Pest Control

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Overall good experience, I was advised of the services available, choose, and move on…

Project: Pest Control – Bugs & Insects

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Donna H.

In our condo we had termites around the entry door frame with small holes on the inside and outside. Tney responded quickly, assesed the problem, injected some material into the holes and charged a very fair price. Extra Mile is a highly professional company.

Project: Control or Inspect for Termites

Deerfield Beach, FL

Paul S.

The technician was very professional in his appearance, communication and in the service he provided. He was very meticulous in making sure that all areas had been treated, and was very prompt with a follow-up inspection.

Project: Pest Control – Bugs & Insects

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Hugues M.

Palm Beach Pest Control Certified Operator
Palm Beach County Pest Control Fresh Florida Credential