One of my favorite parts of living in Florida is having more access to tropical fruit. The classic sweetness of mango, the distinct and delicate flavors of guava and papaya, and the almost chocolaty taste of sapodilla are simple yet profound delights. These delicious fruits are also versatile, and can be enjoyed on their own, with yogurt, or in smoothies. Additionally, several tropical fruits can be grown in the home landscape.


If you feel less than confident at the prospect of trying to grow these plants at home, fear not. Ask IFAS has valuable information on appropriate planting and cultural practices for mango treesguava treespapaya treessapodilla trees, and more. What’s more, Blogs.IFAS also has practical posts and resources to help you get growing.

Interested in learning more about plants, or finding out what else you can plant throughout the year in Florida? Remember to Ask IFAS!

by Amanda Quintos

Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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