Now is the time to plan winter supplementation strategies.  Conserved forages (hay, haylage, stockpiled forages) are usually the foundation of a winter feeding plan.  Whether harvesting your own hay/haylage or purchasing, understanding the nutritive value of your forages can be used to adjust the amount and composition of supplements that will need to be added to the feed plan. 

This can help minimize feeding costs while maximizing herd production.  The UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research & Education Center operates a Forage testing laboratory.  Producers can submit samples to the lab at $7/sample.  Results are typically returned within two weeks.

The lab analyzes crude protein (CP) and total digestible nutrients (TDN).  There are other labs that can offer a more in-depth analysis but CP and TDN is most relevant for purposes of winter supplementation strategies. 

For more information on forage testing, visit For assistance with forage collection and submission, contact Livestock Agent, Bridget Stice., or (863) 588-2697.

by Bridget Stice

Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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