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Wondering about the green caterpillar you found nestled in your broccoli or the manylegged creature crawling up your pants leg? Learn all about it in the Featured Creatures collection on Ask IFAS!

Extreme close-up photograph of Alluaud’s little yellow ant Plagiolepis alluaudi Emery workers, or creatures, feasting on sweet bait

Creatures with Stories

UF/IFAS’s Entomology and Nematology Department in cooperation with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Division of Plant Industry began this vast collection of fact sheets about arthropods and other animals in 1996. And they’ve been adding new creatures to it each month ever since. Each publication in the vast collection describes the creature in question and its habits, usually with lots of beautiful close-up photographs and drawings to help you understand the animal’s life ways.

Close up photograph of an air potato leaf beetle Lilioceris cheni creatures

Learn about all kinds of insects, nematodes (extremely tiny worms), molluscs, and spiders and other arachnids, to name a few taxons. Basically? If it skitters or squirms in the state of Florida, chances are good it has a profile piece in Featured Creatures. And if you’re wondering about it, chances are good you’ll find answers on Ask IFAS.

by Susan Gildersleeve
Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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