Wild Weeds – Weed of the Month

Virginia Pepperweed

Lepidium virginicum

Virginia Pepperweed begins growing in a low-growing rosette, yet soon enough branching stems emerge with elongated racemes of tiny whitish flowers. You can easily spot this plant by looking for wispy white “bottle brushes” on the ground.

The flowers are hermaphroditic, meaning they have both male and female organs, and are pollinated by a variety of insects. Seeds develop along the stem and resemble a flat, lentil-shaped disk. Seeds can be used a substitute for black pepper when cooking, while young leaves can be added to salads or sauteed.

Learn more about the plant characteristics here: https://www.flawildflowers.org/flower-friday-lepidium-virginicum/

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by Alicia Halbritter

Source: UF/IFAS Pest Alert

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