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A legion of common names, but all the same plant

A Stunning Cluster of Yellow Cestrum FlowersThe botanical name given to plants is always exacting in that no matter where you are in the world, the Latin name is used.  Common names associated with plants often get in the way and can introduce confusion, but they also can bring descriptive color at a glance inspiring…

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Florida Beekeeping: Tips For Splitting Hives

Beekeepers must have good management practices within their apiaries to succeed. One of these practices is splitting their hives when necessary to avoid the loss of bees through swarming.       A swarm of bees on a tree. Swarming is a natural process of honey bee colony reproduction. Photo Credit: Jonael Bosques, UF/IFAS Extension Hardee County.   What…

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Persimmons: A Florida Fruit Treasure

Did you ever feel like you had a burning secret, something that you wanted to scream to the world because it is so good, yet so few people knew about it?  This is how I feel about persimmons. I’ll scream here. While they are a spectacular fruit borne of relatively low-maintenance trees, persimmons unfortunately reside…

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Cane toads (Bufo Marinus) and your pets.

South Florida’s lush landscape and subtropical climate make it a paradise for both humans and a diverse range of wildlife. However, in recent years, an invasive species has become a growing concern for the region, especially concerning our beloved pets. The invasive cane toad, also known as the Bufo toad, has established itself in South…

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Fall Lawn Care & October Plant Clinic

If your lawn has a history of winter annual weeds such as henbit, wild geranium, annual bluegrass, chickweed and lawn burweed, you can apply a preemergence herbicide to prevent these weeds from emerging. Apply it during October when nighttime temperatures drop to 55° – 60°F for several consecutive nights. This will be just before the…

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Poisonous Plants in and Around Your Florida Home.  Disclaimer. The following information is intended for use in Duval County.  Florida is a diverse state with different growing conditions. If you garden outside of Northeast Florida, check with your local UF/IFAS Extensions agent for assistance. As the nights draw in, we turn out thoughts to the Holidays…

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